Kitchen Island Additional Cabinet Storage

4 Ways a Kitchen Island Can Improve Your Space

  • October 16, 2018

Regardless of your home’s style, an island is a staple in most of today’s kitchen designs. In addition to how they elevate a design, a kitchen island serves many functions, from storage to entertaining. 

On today’s blog we are going to share with you four ways a kitchen island can improve your kitchen design – and hopefully inspire you with photos of our projects that feature beautifully designed kitchen islands.

Kitchen Islands increase Countertop Space

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, it’s often difficult to find counter space when you need it. Sometimes there are so many small kitchen appliances and storage containers parked along the back of the counter that there isn’t much space remaining for food prep. This is one of the big advantages of a kitchen island, as it gives you more space to spread out and comfortably prepare your meals.

Kitchen Island Countertop Space

Kitchen Island with Countertop Space

Islands provide ample space to prep food.

Kitchen Islands provide Additional Storage

Kitchen islands not only provide more countertop space, but also come with more cabinets, meaning more storage! Utilize under-island cabinets for things you need to access frequently or use the additional space for accessories such as garbage/recycling centers or pull-out drawers for pots and pans. The amazing thing about kitchen islands is that they can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Kitchen island design featuring cabinet storage and seating.

Island with storage and seating.

Kitchen Island Additional Cabinet Storage

Kitchen Island with Cabinetry Storage

Kitchen Islands are great for Social Gatherings

Not only can you prep and serve food on your kitchen island, but you can host a social gathering at it, too! A kitchen island is the perfect spot for friends and family to gather casually, or with optional seating, the island becomes a convenient place to enjoy a glass of wine before dinner or grab a quick meal.

Transitional Kitchen with Mixed Metals and Unique Kitchen Island Design

Island with seating

Kitchen Island Seating for Social Gathering

Kitchen Island with Room for Social Gathering

Kitchen Islands are a Design Statement

A kitchen island gives you the opportunity to add a stylish flair to your kitchen. Your island does not have to match existing cabinetry. Choose a contrasting color, a striking countertop, fabulous pendants, and unique bar stools to make your island the new focal point of your kitchen.

Kitchen Island Design Statement

Kitchen Island with Design Flair

Stylish Kitchen Island

Stylish Kitchen Island

Have questions about designing the right kitchen island for your space? Learn more about our kitchen design services or schedule an appointment with a kitchen and bath designer to get started on your kitchen island or kitchen design today.

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Rhianna Hawk says

I’m considering getting a service to help me redesign my kitchen, and putting in an island is a great thing to discuss with them, for sure. It’s good that they can add more cabinetry that way, as my kitchen does need more storage space. I appreciate you talking about how it can be a great hub for social gatherings, as well.

    The Mingle Team says

    Hi Rhianna,

    Our clients tell us that their kitchen island has definitely become the focal point of their kitchen as well as their new gathering space! Our cabinet designers have many creative solutions that will maximize storage and make your entire kitchen function more efficiently. Please let us know if we can assist you on your project. You can schedule an appointment on line ( or give us a call at 763.717.8500. Thanks for your feedback!

    MacKenzie @ Mingle

Taylor Bishop says

Thanks for writing about kitchen islands. I hadn’t considered that the island can be a good place for friend and family to gather, especially if you have optional seating. This also seems really ideal if you know you’ll need more seats to accommodate the amount of guests you usually get.

    The Mingle Team says

    Hi Taylor!

    Thank you so much for the nice comment. We are so happy you came across our blog and left feeling inspired with a new idea! Our designers do a wonderful job taking the time to understand how the homeowner will use their kitchen, whether it’s more for cooking or more for entertaining. Whatever the case is, we always custom design our kitchens tailored to our clients needs and with high functionality and quality. Thank you for checking out our blog!

    MacKenzie @ Mingle

Olivia Smart says

I liked how you talked about how islands can be great for gatherings. We are thinking about renovating our kitchen and having a big island added to the space. It seems like it could be good for us to have it there for family events.

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