Studio M Kitchen & Bath PARTNERS with Builders & Remodelers

Studio M Kitchen & Bath partners with builders and remodelers in the Minneapolis area, greater Minnesota, and nationwide. We offer high-quality custom and semi-custom cabinetry and related products in a spacious and inspirational design center that is perfect for client meetings. Our team of experienced kitchen and bath designers work collaboratively with you and your customers to create beautiful designs for every room in the home. Here are just a few of the reasons why partnering with Studio M Kitchen & Bath makes great business sense:

• Competitive pricing and multiple cabinetry lines
   that hit every price point

• 80+ years of experience in Kitchen & Bath design

• We pride ourselves on creating lasting relationships

Job Site Measuring
• Our team will take expert measurements on site
• Produce technical cabinetry drawings

Construction Software
• Collaboration through Chief Architect and your construction
   management software

Installation Team
• Reliable and experienced installers

K&B Trade Briefs
Stay up-to-date in the industry with these resourceful,
quick-read trade briefs. Check out the latest:

Black Dog Homes

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