Inspiring Trends from the 2022 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

  • March 2, 2022

Last month our team of talented designers had the opportunity to attend the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s “Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS)” down in Orlando, Florida. KBIS is an annual trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design. Design professionals, industry experts, and hundreds of product vendors and exhibitors come together to collaborate, share ideas, and interact with each other.

Through immersive booths, product demonstrations, interactive panels, and meetings, attendees can view the latest products in the industry while learning about new and inspiring trends.

“As a kitchen designer, it’s critical to attend KBIS if you want to stay on top of new introductions in appliances, fixtures, hardware, stone materials and more!”

Reflecting on their week at KBIS, our designers discussed how valuable it was to be TOGETHER to share ideas and insights. “This is our passion. These new products are exciting to us, so it’s fun to talk about them with each other.” Getting to spend this time sharing ideas and learning together was a great bonding experience for our whole team!

Among the countless benefits of attending this showcase, a week filled with inspiration and innovation was the perfect creative reset button that is sure to bring new energy and plenty of ideas back to their projects!

Check out some of the innovative products and emerging trends that caught our designers’ eye!

1. Combination of Art Deco & Art Nouveau

A trend we are excited to see is the combination of Art Deco and Art Nouveau elements in kitchen designs. Featuring bold colors, strong geometry, and luxurious textures, Art Deco is a century-old aesthetic that channels roaring twenties glamour, while Art Nouveau is characterized by its use of a long, sinuous, organic line, and asymmetrical shapes.

In this kitchen we see the Art Deco style shine through in the bold color and geometry of the backsplash and Art Nouveau style in the long, clean lines of the cabinetry.

2. All things Metal

Another trend on display at the KBIS show was all things metal in kitchen designs. Metal cabinet doors, metal legs on islands, metal vanities, metal open shelving, you name it! What’s special about this trend is that you can really make it your own depending on how much metal you use and where you use it. If you are looking for a more contemporary design, choose a number of metal elements for your space to get a sleek, modern feel. But if you are looking for something a little more understated, a great way to incorporate this trend into your design is through metal shelves, cabinet inserts, and decorative hardware.

We saw metal design elements used in many displays at the KBIS show. The most notable features were metal open shelves, hardware, door fronts, and even metal on hoods!


3. Curvature 

Whether it’s rounded corners on cabinetry, curved mirrors, or arched doorways, the curvature trend is making a statement in kitchen designs! In contrast to the geometric shapes and lines we normally associate with contemporary designs, the curves built into new kitchen designs are a way to add softness to the space and give it a whimsical, mid-century modern flair.


4. Textures and patterns 

Consider adding visual intrigue to your kitchen design by thoughtfully combining different textures and patterns in your space. While we’ve seen texture incorporated into design before, this trend has us thinking outside the box with statement patterns in wallpaper, geometric patterns in tile, and even wooden texture on refrigerator doors! 

Another way to add texture and depth to any kitchen design is through slatted cabinetry. Horizontal, vertical, narrow, or wide, wooden slats on cabinet doors and walls are the perfect way to add a unique touch to any kitchen design. What we love about this trend in terms of cabinetry is that it allows you to have partial visibility inside a cabinet compared to a fully exposed glass door.


5. Floating vanities 

Floating vanities are the perfect way to give an open feel to a confined bathroom. These gravity defying cabinetry pieces not only have the storage and functionality you look for in a quality vanity/sink combo, but they enhance the design of your space by elongating your bathroom and giving the appearance of a larger space. When designed well, a floating vanity can be quite the statement piece for your space!

If you don’t want to attach your vanity to the wall, you can still get the floating look by choosing a vanity with a delicate base. This way you achieve the same open feel to the space and can even incorporate other popular style elements such as metal legs!


6. Lots of color!

A trend our designers were super excited about is the fearless use of lots of color in design! In this trend we are seeing every shade of green, various shades of pink, soft colors, earthy colors like Sedona/terracotta, as well as dark, moody shades. Color is such a fun way to express yourself and your design style, whether it’s used in a backsplash, wall color, or cabinetry stain.  

That old fear of “getting tired of it” just doesn’t fly anymore. If you truly love the colors you choose, you will feel joy and be energized by your space every day!


7. Textured laminates & vertical grain  

Another fun new trend in cabinetry is the use of textured laminates and vertical grain cabinet doors. Not only are textured door styles an interesting alternative to standard solid-toned cabinets, but the vertical grain creates an elongating effect that draws the eye upward. This is a great way to make your space appear taller. The laminate shown here also pairs beautifully with matte painted finishes!

8. Storage

Effective storage is always on trend! This year, KBIS highlighted cabinetry that is custom designed to store and organize everything from food storage containers and lids to your work desk.


Check out this under sink storage! This display highlights how drawers can be custom built in a “U” format in order to accommodate sink basins and plumbing.

We hope you enjoyed this look into our week at KBIS and a peak into some new and innovative trends.

Inspired by one of the trends you’ve seen? Set up an appointment with one of our designers!