K&B Trade Brief: Wood Species Trends

If your clients are wondering what is trending this year in cabinetry wood species, we’ve got you covered.  The most popular trends in cabinetry wood species might just surprise you:

  • White Oak
  • Walnut
  • Cherry

White Oak:

  • Produces stable boards that are resistant to warping and shrinking
  • Has a distinctive grain that takes neutral or light stains exceptionally well
  • Clean-lined, efficient, and durable yet still exudes a natural, organic quality

Gallery Photos (l to r): White Oak, Walnut, Cherry


  • Versatile wood that works well with multiple styles and purposes
  • The warmth of the material makes it a great complement to multiple color schemes


  • A high-quality wood known for its beauty and durability – it is resistant to rot and decay
  • It is easy to cut, carve and mold, and is used for many different applications due to its flexibility
  • Its vibrant color tones usually do not need extra enhancement
  • Fun fact: Cherry is the most popular wood species used in the state of Minnesota


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