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Mastering the Art of the Concealed Kitchen

  • August 2, 2022

Now you see it… now you don’t!

Refrigerators, wine racks, appliances, and even entire pantries are being expertly camouflaged by cabinetry in many of today’s kitchen designs. Through creative paneling and unique storage design, every-day items can be effortlessly concealed in order to achieve a clutter-free space and a cohesive design.

No more miss-matched appliances or cooking accessories crowding your countertop!

Whether you’re looking to blend your refrigerator with your cabinetry design or integrate your spice rack, concealed cabinetry is a great way to maximize your kitchen’s potential and create a timeless design you will enjoy for many years.

On today’s blog we are going to share with you how you can master the art of the concealed kitchen and apply elements of it to your own space!

Large Appliances

Sometimes the appliances in our kitchens can be a bit of an eyesore… especially if they don’t match or one is needing a serious update! By concealing your appliances with the rest of your cabinetry, you can achieve a cohesive look that is uninterrupted by a bulky refrigerator or an outdated dishwasher.

Project: Mid-Century Rewind

A clever way to camouflage appliances in your space is by designing your cabinetry to resemble furniture pieces. This design technique enhances your space’s design while also keeping items and appliances hidden.

The homeowner of this Mid-Century Modern kitchen wanted this wall of cabinetry to resemble a large armoire. The paneled French doors on the refrigerator and freezer blend perfectly with the surrounding cabinetry and create a continuous flow for the eye.

Concealed Cabinetry

Photo by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

This floor to ceiling cabinetry by Dura Supreme is an excellent example of how you can use paneling to conceal appliances! While at first glance you might assume the wall of cabinetry is made up of basic storage, a closer look reveals a full-sized refrigerator and freezer!

This East Coast Traditional kitchen displays a consistent, sleek cabinetry design from wall to wall. In addition to having ample storage for every-day cookware and cutlery, this kitchen’s cabinetry camouflages both appliances and the hood. Concealed cabinetry does not always have to be a “perfect” match and can be designed in a way that complements the rest of the space!

The art of concealing can be applied to any and every style! While many times a hood serves as a focal point in a kitchen’s design, the hood in this Mid-Century Modern kitchen perfectly matches the surrounding cabinets to where you might not even notice it at first glance.

Hidden dishwasher

Photo credit: Dura Supreme

You can obscure your large appliances while also making a statement! While this dishwasher doesn’t match the light wood stain on the surrounding drawers and pulls, the matte black cover complements the island as a whole and helps this appliance not appear as obvious in the space. The subtlety of its design gives a very modern look to this every-day appliance.


Whether you have a large walk-in pantry or a smaller scale pantry with roll-outs, innovative cabinetry design can seamlessly blend this storage space with the rest of your kitchen design.

What was once an ineffective desk space was completely transformed into this sleek, modern pantry with touch-to-open doors. The simplicity of the door style in addition to the lack of obvious hardware adds discreteness to this pantry design. A peek inside reveals ample storage with pull-out drawers!

Hidden walk-in pantry
walk-in pantry hidden by cabinetry

The walk-in pantry in this kitchen by Dura Supreme is expertly disguised by the cabinetry that surrounds it. unless you physically opened the pantry’s doors, you might never even know that it was even there! While some concealed cabinetry is subtle yet still noticeable, the cabinet design in this space was intended to completely mask this bonus space.

Traditional pantry

For more of a traditional design take a look at this gorgeous pantry from our Bloom Project Kitchen. The white cabinets, shaker doors, and brushed gold hardware are identical to that of the kitchen and allow the design to flow from one room to the next. 

Bars and Beverage Storage

Calling all coffee lovers! The creative cabinetry design in our Wonderfully Walnut kitchen allows these homeowners to enjoy a fully stocked coffee bar while also giving them the ability to tuck it away behind closed doors when not in use. These pocket doors are a perfect fit for this space as they have the ability to retract back into the wall rather than swing outward.

This is also a great solution for wet bars and wine racks as you can have them open and available when needed, but otherwise out of sight.

While this drawer may appear ordinary on the outside, the inside contains a uniquely designed beverage refrigerator! This is an amazing example of how innovative you can be with your cabinetry design. The drawer blends seamlessly with the aesthetic of the space and is super functional for both entertaining and everyday use. Not to mention it’s a fun surprise for unsuspecting guests!

Pull-out wine rack

Our Modern Eclectic kitchen features a beautiful wine rack pull-out below the bar area. This is a great option for wine lovers as you can keep your prized bottles organized and tucked away for special occasions.

Towel Bars and Spice Racks

There is nothing we hate more than visual clutter! One of the main goals for concealed kitchens is to have a designated place for things like towels, spices, and utensils so that they are out of sight and off your countertop.

Pull-out towel rack
Hidden spice rack

The Bloom Project Kitchen features two, narrow pull-outs that house a towel holder and a tiered spice rack.

Pull-out, tiered utensil drawer

Check out this utensil pull-out from our SLP Modern Foodie Kitchen! This organized storage solution saves spoons and spatulas from cluttering your cooking area but allows them to remain in arms reach.

Appliance Garages

Bi-Fold Cabinet Doors

Conceal smaller appliances like blenders, mixers, and toasters with a convenient appliance garage! The appliance garage in our Bloom Project kitchen has bi-fold doors that sit flush to the countertop. This allows the cooking equipment to remain accessible but stay completely out of sight, minimizing the need to pick up and move heavy items.

The best way to create a concealed kitchen is to work with an expert in cabinetry design. A Studio M Kitchen & Bath designer can help you assess your needs and design goals and create a space that suits you in terms of both style and function. Contact us to set up an appointment!