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The Heart of Outdoor Kitchens: NatureKast Weatherproof Cabinetry

  • July 15, 2018

The Heart of Outdoor Kitchens: NatureKast Weatherproof Cabinetry

Whether you dream of an outdoor living area, specifically a grill and food-prep station on wheels or a built-in BBQ island with a fridge, bar seating and space to keep all of your equipment and diningware, an outdoor kitchen may be the luxury you are searching for. NatureKast Weatherproof Cabinetry perfects the art of outdoor living.

What is NatureKast?

The name NatureKast is synonymous with beautiful outdoor kitchens. NatureKast has been around for 10 years, is based out of Ontario, Canada and is a newer product to Minnesota. They are passionate about creating the indoor kitchen look, outside. NatureKast has revolutionized the outdoor kitchen industry by offering the first 100% weatherproof cabinet.

Outdoor Cabinets

What are the cabinet features?

The key features of NatureKast Weatherproof Cabinetry are the look and finish, the range of products and styles and the 6 week lead time with installation and lifetime warranty. The luxurious wood finish is durable for outdoors and a technologically advanced hi-density resin system is used that perfectly replicates the natural color and texture of real wood.

The cabinet and drawer boxes are built from 100% waterproof PVC which is assembled using a weld-like bonding process that creates the strongest cabinet box on the market. NatureKast offers white or black PVC cabinetry that is light weight and easy to clean. The hardware on NatureKast cabinetry is stainless steel to endure the weather as well.

These cabinets take the heat, water and even have stood the test of Hurricane Irma. Door styles are louver, shaker, slab and the newest award-winning addition is the contemporary style. Check out the complete selection of door styles and finishes here.

Outdoor Kitchen Naturekast Cabinets

How to Begin Your Outdoor Kitchen with Studio M Kitchen & Bath and NatureKast

NatureKast will provide the cabinetry of your choosing and a Studio M Kitchen & Bath Designer will walk you through each step of the design process in building and perfecting your new space. See our design process here.  The designer will work with you to establish an overview of the project, budget range and timeline. We will assist you in choosing everything from countertops to appliances to lighting and furnishings to pair with your weatherproof cabinetry and outdoor kitchen set up; this is what our designers love to do!

Naturekast Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinetry

Spice up your home with an outdoor kitchen space for added entertaining enjoyment and luxury. Stop in the Studio M Design Center to see our vignette of NatureKast’s Weatherproof Cabinetry or contact us today to get started.

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