This bathroom remodel project aims to create a serene and calming, Zen atmosphere and features Cherry slab cabinetry, transitional brushed nickel hardware, square vessel sinks, light gray quartz countertops, and large format travertine tiles.

The main focus of the project was to transform the bathroom into a relaxing retreat that promotes a sense of tranquility and inner peace. The design incorporates natural elements, minimalism, and clean lines to create a balanced and harmonious space.

Cherry slab cabinetry provides spacious storage options while adding warmth to the room. Transitional brushed nickel hardware accentuates the cabinets' clean lines while adding a contemporary touch. Square vessel sinks simultaneously elevate the bathroom's elegance and allow for ample counter space.

Light gray quartz countertops complement the natural elements in the room and provide a beautiful yet functional surface. The 18 x 18 travertine tiles add to the Zen vibe while enhancing the bathroom's overall natural aesthetic.

Walls are painted in a soft, neutral tone to create a smooth and serene backdrop for the accents in the space.