Kitchen Design with Green Cabinetry and Kitchen Island

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If you’re thinking of embarking on a new home project, you may have found that when you search online for design inspiration, you keep stumbling upon images of the same white kitchens and bathrooms over and over again, but nothing that feels like the right fit for you. It’s understandable. Classic white is a trend that has been around for a long time because it’s been a tried and true way to give a space a light and timeless feel. But maybe you don’t want your kitchen to look like Barb’s from down the road. You want your new kitchen to be unique and authentically YOU. You want color!

We have recently seen a shift in design trends toward incorporating more color in clients’ spaces – and we are loving it! Several of our Studio M clients have chosen to add interest to their kitchens and bathrooms with various tones of green cabinetry. Now we know what you are thinking… GREEN?! Won’t that be overwhelming in my space? Isn’t that a big commitment to a color?

Before you get into a full state of panic, we’re here to tell you why green is actually the perfect color to have in your kitchen or bathroom.Green Kitchen Island North Oaks Farmhouse Project by Designer Megan
The client came to us knowing she wanted green incorporated into her kitchen, but Studio M interior designer Jami Ludens specified the exact color, Cypress, by Benjamin Moore. The color pop of green to the center island added interest to the space while still maintaining the light and open feel of the room.

Psychologically, green is a color that is known to have a positive impact on people’s temperaments and feelings. Green represents nature and the outdoors and when incorporated into a design, it tends to have a calming effect. And while you may think that green cabinetry may feel dark, in reality it brings a fresh and vibrant look to your space.

If you are worried that your design choices will be limited by having green cabinetry, think again. Green is one of the most versatile colors and can be incorporated seamlessly into all styles of kitchens and bathrooms. Not only does it go with many different types of hardware and finishes, but depending on the shade of green you choose, you can create a totally unique color palette.

No need to dig out a color wheel, we’ve got you covered!Farmhouse Kitchen Design with Green CabinetryModern Farmhouse Remodel Project by Designer Danielle Lardani
Our Modern Farmhouse Remodel project is the perfect example of how dark colors don’t take away from the lightness of a room. The client fell in love with the dark stained cabinetry that is on the perimeter, but that color would have been too dark to use for the entire kitchen. Luckily, the client was not opposed to including color and when Danielle suggested Cast Iron, a curated color by Dura Supreme, the clients instantly fell in love with it. It is a beautiful earthy green and fits perfectly in their home.

Different shades of green have different highlights and undertones. For example, olive green has a warm yellow undertone and goes well with other shades of yellow, whereas pine green has blue undertones which is complemented by other blue colors. Because of the wide range of tones available, you can choose whatever style suits you, depending on the shade you use on your cabinetry. Think sea foam green for a beach house, deep sage green for a craftsman-style home, pine green for a northwoods cabin, or teal green for a modern farmhouse.

Another way you can influence your design style with green cabinetry is through the design elements you choose to pair with them. Pairing a dark hunter green cabinet with a warm wood creates a cozy, woodsy style, and in contrast, combining lighter green cabinets with white creates more of a modern, chic feel. One green kitchen can look vastly different from another green kitchen which is a great opportunity for you to express your unique style in your space.

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bathroom cabinetry, bathroom storage, bathroom space usage, green cabinets with black hardware

This bathroom project designed by Fox Homes in collaboration with our kitchen and bath designer Shawn as the cabinet supplier is retro-chic and fun! Here’s what Fox Homes had to say about the design, “In this lower level bathroom, we were limited on natural light, so we decided to brighten things up with a cheery yet tasteful shade of teal. We think the Yorktowne cabinetry finish’s name “aloe” is perfect; it’s a soothing and colorful color that’s perfect for a washroom!”

Kitchen Design with Green Cabinetry and Kitchen Island

In this Fox Homes kitchen remodel with Shawn, the designers explained how achieving a two-tone kitchen was paramount for their clients to set their kitchen apart. They ended up choosing a bold yet calming earthy shade of green for their island and range hood. We think that the combination of the green with the sleek gold accents makes this space modern with a twist! 

The bottom line is that your home should reflect your unique style and personality. We hope that giving you a peek at the beauty of using green on your cabinetry inspires you with your next home project!

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Hi Tiffany, it is our cabinet line Yorktowne’s finish called Eucalyptus!

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