Subtle beiges and warm woods help promote comfortable conviviality in this sleek, contemporary space. The warm color pallet is the perfect complement to the design’s clean lines and simplistic style, creating a space that perfectly embodies its Warm Contemporary name.  

This finished kitchen is a stark contrast to the outdated space it once was both in terms of style and function. The main creative challenge for this kitchen remodel was creating cabinetry that suited the homeowner’s likes, needs, and lifestyle. For kitchen and bath designer Danielle Lardani, this meant repurposing unused areas and incorporating lots of storage!

Though the layout of the space stayed the same, certain areas of the kitchen were transformed and repurposed. A desk area adjacent to the main kitchen was a clutter zone that the homeowner desperately wanted to go. While Danielle considered transforming this space into a food prep area, she ultimately decided against the idea due to its location in one of the main walkways of the home. The solution was installing tall pantry storage in this space with sleek, touch-to-open doors. This design also includes interior roll-outs, which maximize storage and make even items in the back accessible!

Another way Danielle designed the cabinetry with the client’s lifestyle in mind was through the integrated coffee unit with a waterline that connects directly to the back of the machine. Other creative storage solutions include a LeManns II pull-out accessory to utilize corner storage as well as trash pull-outs and additional drawers built into the back of the island. 

In terms of style, this contemporary kitchen is kept warm and bright by Décor cabinetry in Willow paint and Mist stain on rift-sawn White Oak. This design also features dramatic veining in the backsplash and countertop as well as stainless steel hardware and appliances.