Organic Elegance Kitchen Remodel, white kitchen cabinets, gold hard hardware

5 Reasons to Hire a Kitchen & Bath Designer

  • August 7, 2023

We’ve seen it time and time again: clients bring drawings into our showroom and are shocked to learn that though their plans look great on paper, in reality their drawings are missing key design elements, aren’t functional, or have other significant technical errors.

Cabinetry design is intricate and requires a lot of expertise. Not only do designs need to look beautiful but they need to include ample storage, promote an efficient workflow, and be functional for everything from hosting parties to simple weeknight dinners. Good designs reflect a designer’s advanced technical knowledge of spatial planning, the handling of existing conditions, and product selection.

From their technical training to their breadth of expertise, having a kitchen & bath designer on your team elevates any project. On today’s blog we are going to share with you 5 benefits of using a K&B designer!

1. Technical Design Education

What differentiates a kitchen and bath designer from a contractor or architect comes down to their training and education:

Interior design degree

Interior design training helps designers create aesthetically pleasing designs. They can help clients make selections on countertops, hardware, lighting, and accessories.

Kitchen & Bath certifications and training

Training programs certified by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) are comprehensive and rigorous. To become certified by this association, a designer must have 5+ years of kitchen and bath design experience, complete 60 hours of NKBA education or have an approved college education and pass numerous comprehensive examinations.

Product education

Thorough training on all products selected or recommended by the design studio is imperative. Good designers are well versed in the unique features of each of their cabinet lines. They also receive training in integrated lighting, cabinet hardware, plumbing, countertop materials, and more.

Spatial planning

K&B designers are trained to visualize layouts and see how cabinetry will seamlessly fit into a floorplan. Expertise in spatial planning allows the designer to optimize the space by designing cabinetry that is appropriately sized and well balanced for the room.

Organic Elegance Kitchen Remodel, white kitchen cabinets, gold hard hardware

A well-rounded education is essential to designing a functional space. This kind of rigorous training not only educates designers on the ins and outs of cabinetry but also gives them the ability to recognize all those little things that general contractors can easily miss, such as clearances for doors and door hardware, clearances for appliances, ventilation needs, etc. It’s those details that a K&B designer brings to the table that can make all the difference in the world regarding how the kitchen really works!

2. They are up to date on design trends

A good kitchen cabinet designer will ensure that your cabinets are not only functional but also fashionable. They take into account a client’s personal taste as well as their lifestyle to ensure that the final design accurately reflects them and their home.

We love the use of gold accents throughout this space. The wire mesh inserts in the cabinetry play into current design trends but are used in a way that keeps this kitchen chic and timeless.

Our designers visit design shows throughout the year where they gain inspiration and learn about new trends in cabinetry, storage, and more. The annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show has been a great place for our designers to work alongside other design professionals and learn from industry experts. This multi-day event features immersive booths, product demonstrations, interactive panels, and meetings where our designers can view the latest products in the industry while learning about new and inspiring trends.

Check out our blog on last year’s show!

Since cabinetry design is their main focus, the designers are committed to adapting to new trends and techniques and always striving to perfect their craft. Their commitment to their work and passion for design makes them the perfect addition to your kitchen project team!

3. Experience

It’s widely believed that the best way to hone a skill is through consistent practice; and that couldn’t be truer for kitchen and bath designers! Another reason why a K&B designer is so valuable to your project is their extensive experience in design work.

With expert knowledge and a little creativity,  this corner cabinet’s storage was maximized to easily store and access pots and pans.

Our designers have worked on projects of different scales, within a wide range of budgets, and in a variety of design styles. All of these projects over the course of their career have helped them develop their cabinet design skills in ways that a textbook cannot teach. When a project presents a problem and a designer must formulate a creative solution, that knowledge learned is carried on in future projects when similar problems may arise. Likewise, if a designer loved how a design element turned came together in a past project, they may use that knowledge as inspiration for future designs!

Though designers have an extensive education, as stated above, sometimes it’s the things they learn on the job that have the biggest influence on their work.

4. Designers see spaces from a cabinetry perspective

Everyone knows a beautiful kitchen when they see one, but unless you are trained in cabinetry design, you might not be able to see the subtle design nuances that make a space functional.


While interior designers focus more on furniture and accessories, cabinet designers have an eye for storage and are able to take a client’s lifestyle and apply it to a functional cabinetry design. We believe that an effective kitchen is one which has a home for everything which makes maximizing storage a must in any of our Studio M kitchens!

Kitchen and bath designers are also great at visualizing the flow of the room. Cabinetry is the largest design element in any kitchen design. In addition to storing items, your cabinetry must promote an efficient workflow. Designers accomplish this by establishing work zones and mapping out daily foot traffic.

The layout of this kitchen was designed to promote efficient cooking. Notice how the arrangement of appliances and cabinetry allow for easy transitions and overall flow throughout the space.

Lastly, our designers know how to make the most out of your space! Your cabinets will be designed specifically to fit your cookware, bakeware, utensils, and anything you need ready access to. It would be a shame to have a kitchen with drawers too narrow for your soup ladle or not wide enough for your frying pans (and their handles). 

These custom elements are what differentiate our cabinet design process from traditional builder grade cabinets.  

5. They can help you avoid costly mistakes

While it may be difficult to spend money up front for kitchen design, we have found over the years that having a cabinet designer on your project will help keep your project on track and help you avoid potentially expensive mistakes in the long run.

A designer will help you avoid excess costs by knowing exactly what products are best and most cost-effective for your project. If you are doing a remodel, your designer will ensure that your new space blends seamlessly with your existing space. After cabinets are ordered, our designers prepare a very detailed installation binder that provides the installer with instructions for everything – which saves time and helps avoid installation problems.

Good designers ensure that every aspect of your project is executed efficiently and according to plan. 

Building a kitchen requires a complex team of people, each with specific skills and knowledge who come together to create a functional, beautiful space. The combination of technical training, experience, and creativity make a kitchen and bath designer the perfect addition to your next kitchen project. Are you ready to get started on your dream kitchen? Contact us!

The projects featured in this blog are “The Ultimate Luxe Kitchen” and “Organic Elegance Kitchen”. To view more projects like these visit our cabinetry portfolio page.