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8 Design Elements to Help Make Holiday Hosting Stress-Free

  • November 1, 2022

Hosting your first large holiday comes with the realization that your mom and grandma are super humans who made multi-tasking between cooking dinner, baking pies, pouring drinks, and being gracious hosts look like a cake walk. After burning your green beans, knocking over not one, but TWO bottles of prosecco, and being covered in flour from head to foot, you realize that the holidays are a little more stressful that you remembered as a child. 

What if we told you that with a little clever planning and a strategic design, your kitchen could take the much of the stress out of holiday hosting? 

At Studio M, we believe that your kitchen design should work for YOU! And if hosting Thanksgiving is your own personal Super Bowl, you should have a functional kitchen design that is packed full of storage and promotes easy cooking, baking, and entertaining. 

On today’s blog we are going to share with you 8 design elements you can include in your kitchen that help make holiday hosting stress-free!

1. Baking Center

Whether it’s pies, cookies, or spiced cakes, no holiday party is complete without some kind of baked good!

A designated baking center allows you to keep all your piping bags, measuring cups, and even your stand mixer all in one convenient location. Having all these items stored together promotes efficient baking because you don’t have to run all over the kitchen to find your mixing bowls or baking powder. This also makes for easy clean-up. With a designated home for your baking items, you are more likely to put things away where they belong. 

Baking center by dura supreme cabinetry

Baking center by Dura Supreme

Baking center with storage

We love all the subtle touches included in this Dura Supreme baking center. Tiered rollouts in the base cabinets keep items visible and accessible. And if you look closely, the stand mixer is on a moveable platform which allows easy access to this heavy appliance.

2. Large Island with Ample Counter Space

The act of juggling a main course, desserts, and multiple sides means you can never have too much counterspace! 

Including ample counterspace in your design is a crucial part of a functional kitchen. And the ability to spread out your workspace will help you avoid feeling cramped, thus reducing stress! An island is a great way to add counterspace to your kitchen as it’s essentially a blank canvas for whatever you need in your space: storage, workspace, seating, etc.

Our Modern Classic Double Island Kitchen was designed specifically with hosting in mind. This kitchen design features double islands each with its own purpose: one island is for cooking, baking and prep, and the other is for entertaining and everyday, informal family meals. This is a great example of making your kitchen work for you and your lifestyle!

3. Dry/Wet bar

A designated bar is another great addition to your kitchen design that will help reduce the stress of holiday hosting.

Like the benefits of the baking center, a dry/wet bar allows you to keep all of your beverage and related items in one convenient location. This not only allows for easy access, but it keeps things like wine bottles and cocktail shakers away from where you are cooking. A bar area also allows guests to easily help themselves to their favorite drinks when you’re busy with other tasks. 

Some great elements to include in your bar:

  • Built-in wine rack
  • Beverage refrigerator
  • Open shelving
  • Sink

4. Deep Sink

Between peeling vegetables and mountains of dirty dishes, your sink has its work cut out for it every time you entertain! 

A deep sink is an essential part to any working kitchen as it allows for easy food prep and clean-up.

Farmhouse Sink
Deep Farmhouse Sink

Prior Lake II Kitchen by Studio M Interiors

5. Storage

If you enjoy hosting, you might have special dishes or serving pieces tucked away for special occasions. 

Incorporating smart storage into your kitchen design helps you not only find a convenient place for these items but also gives you an opportunity to display them when they are not in use!

The wire mesh inserts in our English Pantry are a great example of storage that’s both functional and beautiful. The wire adds a touch of gold while showcasing the beautiful dishes stored within. 

6. Scullery or prep kitchen

If you really want to cut the stress out of hosting, a prep kitchen might be the perfect addition to your kitchen design. 

These rooms typically feature a lot of counter space, so they are excellent places to stage meals and prep food, as well as hide/wash your dirty pots and pans. They also often have a door, so you can make a mess in private while your guests enjoy the spaciousness of a clean, open kitchen. In addition to storage, prep kitchens can also include baking centers, a sink, oven, or bar.

Walk-in pantry

Heritage Kitchen

7. Double Oven

Once you have it, you can’t live without it! Double ovens in your kitchen design will have you multitasking like a pro. 

This is super helpful when it comes to hosting as you can bake multiple dishes at once and at different temperatures. 

8. Built-in Pot fillers (over the range)

There is nothing more frustrating than transporting a heavy pot of water from the sink to your range and spilling half of it on the floor on your way there! Built-in pot fillers allow you to fill your pots right at your cooktop, without a trip to the sink. 

This is a super convenient addition to your kitchen design as it’s efficient and cuts down time when cooking.  

Whether you are starting a kitchen remodel or simply dreaming for the future, we hope that this blog gives you a bit of inspiration on design elements that you can include in your kitchen to help with entertaining and holiday hosting. To learn more about how we can help you create a functional design for your space, contact one of our talented designers!