K&B Trade Brief: Cabinet Finish Design Trends

Your clients want to be ahead of the game when choosing cabinetry finishes. Here’s what our experience and vendor research is telling us:

  • Nature-Inspired Wood Tones
  • Blues and Greens
  • Warm Whites


Nature-Inspired Wood Tones:

  • Homeowners want to bring the rustic shades and textures of nature into their kitchen designs
  • Soft white finishes paired with warmer grays and wood tones
  • Character rich cabinetry with light to mid-toned browns
  • Distressed finishes

Blues and Greens:

  • Blue finishes are shifting away from bright navy hues to more moody, stormy shades
  • Blue and green finishes pair best with light backsplashes and countertops
  • These finishes form a beautiful contrast and create spaces that are both sophisticated and modern

Warm Whites:

  • Bright, stark whites are giving way to softer, warmer whites
  • Soft whites provide the perfect neutral base to any design and pair well with grays and warm wood tones
  • This finish leaves any room feeling airy and spacious

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