K&B Trade Brief: Tips on Tackling Industry Challenges

The pandemic, labor shortages, extreme weather, and global shipping problems have created a ripple effect that has left a lasting impact on our industry. As we adjust to a new normal it’s important to help homeowners understand these new industry challenges all the while encouraging them to have confidence in starting home projects.

Here are some tips to help you tackle industry challenges and best communicate with your clients!

Build a strong foundation

  • Start by creating a flexible timeline, functional budget, and have open conversations about what your homeowner can anticipate during their project. 
  • No false promises or unrealistic expectations.

Expedite where possible

  • Ordering elements like appliances and plumbing on the front end of a project will ensure that even delayed items make it to the installation right on schedule.
  • Encourage your homeowner to order and plan ahead!

Create flexible timelines

  • Delays are inevitable so it’s important to create a flexible schedule.
  • Flexibility allows you to make adjustments to the timeline as needed and keeps your homeowner happy!

Establish a flexible budget

  • Help your client be aware of possible price increases before they begin their project so that they aren’t met with unexpected numbers.
  • Encourage them to include a leeway into their overall budget to account for unanticipated costs or price increases.

Communicating consistently

  • Keep a constant line of communication open between you, the designer, and your homeowner so that everyone is on the same page if problems do arise during the project.
  • Open communication gives the homeowner peace of mind and encourages them to ask questions.
  • Email, phone, Zoom, text messages. There can never be too much communication!