How To Donate Cabinets – What To Do With Old Cabinets

It’s time to talk…

About breaking up with your cabinetry…

We know it’s hard. The cabinetry you once loved has to go to make way for that brand-new kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. The stunning cabinets, the stylish new features and that gorgeous backsplash… *swoon*

But just like that ex who is a good person, but not the right fit anymore, you still hope they move on and find someone new who makes them happy. Why can’t your old cabinetry do the same thing?

While some break-ups are hard, breaking up with your cabinets has never been so easy and guilt-free.

Instead of throwing your old cabinets away, skip the landfill and donate them instead! Rehoming your cabinetry is an amazing way to reduce waste and do a good thing for someone in need.

Here at Studio M, we partner with Urban Homeworks whose mission is to transform vacant or distressed properties in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, into dignified, healthy homes. They focus on the combined resources of the public, private, and faith sectors to transform vacant, condemned, or underutilized properties into quality, attainable places to live for low to moderate income households.

Here’s a home that we participated with Urban Homeworks on restoring.

So, if your anxiety about throwing away your cabinets is increasing as your demolition date creeps closer, we at Studio M work with Urban Homeworks to pair your old cabinets with a project that is looking for donations.

This process is so easy and fulfilling, not only do your cabinets avoid a dumpster demise, they are being given a new life with families who will enjoy them for years to come!

A recent project completed by Urban Homeworks involving our cabinetry donation was a small home purchased from the City of Minneapolis in 2018. This home had been vacant for years and was in severe distress. It required a complete gut of the inside of the house, as well as a full kitchen remodel.

The renovation included an addition of two bedrooms and a bath, making it a perfect home for a family to move into. In the end, the majority of the house was new except for a few original elements that they were able to keep such as the hardwood floors in the living room. The kitchen is definitely the highlight of the house and received the most praise during showings and open houses. Our donated cabinets were key in making that kitchen shine!

So, throw away those tissues, put down that box of chocolates and relax, this break-up is a no-brainer.

For more information on cabinetry donation and starting a project with Studio M, contact us!