What to Expect at our Showroom

When you think of “showroom,” what do you picture in your mind?  You might imagine a cavernous, warehouse-like building with long boring aisles punctuated by bedroom sets or dining tables on each side. BORING… or perhaps you picture a confusing maze of undistinguished displays through which young children wander, crying for their lost parents. SCARY…

Regardless of your showroom experiences of the past, the Studio M Design Center offers you something completely different. Studio M is totally geared toward providing a world class customer experience while offering design expertise, product education, and of course a variety of beautifully designed, fully accessorized spaces that will be sure to inspire you. Neither boring nor scary! Rather, we want your home design or remodel project to be stress-free and FUN.

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating a kitchen or bath, or updating some furnishings – our designers listen, ask questions, and guide you through the process from start to finish. We’re excited to show you what you can expect at our showroom in our latest video. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for next month’s video on our Studio M design process. Get a sneak peek of it here.

We’d love to start working on a project with you!