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3 Signs That You Are Ready for a Kitchen Remodel

  • January 3, 2022

The New Year is finally here! And with resolutions also come goals for 2022. Will this year bring you a new job? Signing up for that half-marathon? Finally going for the new kitchen you’ve been dreaming about since 2016?

Daydreams of a brand-new kitchen are often squashed by thoughts of costs, demolition, and temporarily living without a working kitchen. These inconveniences alone are enough to make you think: “I can put off this remodel for another year or two…” “I guess my kitchen cabinetry isn’t THAT bad..” “Maybe I can deal with my storage issues for a little longer”.

It’s easy to keep putting off starting your kitchen remodel, but how do you know when it’s time to finally pull the trigger and go for your dream kitchen?

Sometimes you just want the universe to send you a sign!

While there might never be a moment when the stars align and you feel like it’s the “perfect” time to create your new kitchen, there are certain indicators that will give you an idea of when you’re ready to remodel your space. Of course, every person and situation are different, but on today’s blog we are going to address some commonalities that we see in clients when they decide they are ready to upgrade their kitchens.

3 Signs That You Are Ready for a Kitchen Remodel


Medicine Lake Modern Before & After

#1 You start to pick apart your kitchen’s design

Let’s just start off by saying that it’s perfectly normal for your taste in design to change over time! In the same way you can fall in love with a design, over the years you can also slowly fall out of love with one.

A common sign that you’re falling out of love with your kitchen and that it’s time for an upgrade is if you catch yourself constantly picking apart your current space’s design. Maybe that low-set microwave is getting less use and giving you more back pain. Or those Tuscan design elements you loved 10 years ago are making you never want to see painted produce ever again. Vegetables are so not the vibe in 2022.

If you can’t walk into your kitchen without cringing at its design, it’s time to start that remodel.

At Studio M, our mission it to help you create a timeless design that you WON’T fall out of love with but one that can grow with you as your style and taste develops over time. We will work with you to make sure that your kitchen upgrade is one that you will continue love for many years and phases of life to come.


Bloom Project Kitchen Before & After

#2 You compare your space to other peoples’ and envy other designs

Another strong indicator that it’s time to go for that remodel is if find yourself comparing your space with others.

Comparison comes in a lot of forms; it could be catching yourself ooh-ing and ahh-ing at every walk-in pantry and baking station you see or suddenly feeling like your cabinet storage is inferior to Barb’s from book club. Comparison is the thief of joy! You’ll never truly be able to enjoy your space if you feel that it doesn’t measure up to others.

Another clear-cut sign is that little green monster we all know a little too well..

Don’t get us wrong, Architectural Digest’s spread on actress Dakota Johnson’s home made us all green with envy over her stunning sage kitchen, but if you are catching yourself dreaming about every kitchen you see on TV and in magazines, that could be the universe telling you it’s time for an upgrade in your own home.

We think that you should create a space of your own that is envy worthy! It’s time to get out of your head and turn those daydreams into your dream space and our designers are here to help you do it.

Danee straightened out the original angled island to create a cantilevered look with a waterfall edge. This allowed for more seating at the island per the homeowner’s request.

Modern Eclectic Before & After

#3 Your kitchen is disorganized, messy, and uninspiring to cook in

If there is any more imperative sign that it’s time to remodel your kitchen, it’s that your current space is becoming a disorganized dumping zone of disaster.

When you genuinely enjoy your space, it is a pleasure to maintain and cook in. But when you don’t, it tends to get harder and harder to keep that space clean and organized. Your kitchen should be a place that you love spending time in not a space that you avoid.

Another indicator that it’s time to upgrade your kitchen is that it’s become uninspiring to cook in. If you notice yourself repeatedly reaching for take-out menus rather than braving the atrocity that is your kitchen… it’s time for a remodel!

At Studio M we are firm believers that your kitchen should be as functional as it is beautiful. That means lots of storage, an efficient workspace, and a design that allows you to cook, bake, and entertain with ease. The kitchen is the heart of the home! You deserve a space that you genuinely love living and working in.

  Modern Classic Double Island Kitchen Before & After

Over the years we’ve had the privilege of transforming many spaces from outdated and lackluster, into stunning and award worthy kitchens! We think the photos speak for themselves, click here to check out our website to see some of our favorite before and afters.

Let’s kick off 2022 by kicking that old kitchen! Contact us to set up a consultation.

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