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5 Ways We Show Our Clients We Care

There’s a huge difference between “saying” we care and “showing” we care. Everyone says they care about their customers – it’s expected. But at Studio M Kitchen & Bath, we really do go out of our way to care, and we can show you how we differentiate ourselves from others to give you an exceptional experience. Today you will read 5 of the ways we show clients we care – from their first encounter with us, through the design and construction process, and well beyond project completion.

1. Packing Boxes to help you prepare your space

If you are working with us on a remodeling project, you will need to pack up your belongings and get them out of the way. One way we show we care is to deliver packing boxes to you to help with this task. Hint 1: donate items that you won’t be needing in your new space. This will reduce what you have to store, and it will likely make someone else very happy! Hint 2: Be sure to mark each box with room and general contents to facilitate unpacking.

2. Award Winning & Collaborative Design Team

Our entire design team is behind every project. We believe that collaboration is key to truly outstanding design. Our Kitchen and Bath designers often share ideas with fellow designers and are very comfortable collaborating to resolve unique design challenges. In addition, there are at least two additional sets of eyes on each project prior to placing a cabinet order. We show we care about our clients by tapping into the wisdom and experience of our entire team to deliver the best design to you!

3. Pre-appointment packet helps you get started before we even meet!

We’ll help you prepare for your personal design consultation by providing you with our Studio M Kitchen & Bath Pre-appointment Packet. We’ll help get the most out of this special time with your designer, so that you can hit the ground running! We want your appointment to be relaxing, stress-free, productive, and fun! With our pre-appointment packet, we show we care by explaining what you can expect at your consultation and giving you a checklist of things to think about before we meet and a reminder to bring photos, magazine pictures, or online idea books (we have guest Wi-Fi) for us to review together.

4. Detailed Installation Binder for Your Contractor

The Installation Binder is an important “behind the scenes” item that is critical to the proper installation of your cabinetry and related products. We have found that the best way to avoid installation errors (and possible delays) is to eliminate the guesswork and instead give our installers plenty of detailed information. We show we care by providing a detailed jobsite binder with copies of floor plans, installation instructions, and product specifications for every installer or subcontractor on the project.

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5. 90 Day and 1-Year Follow Up Calls

We are committed to taking care of our clients long after they have unpacked their boxes and settled into their new spaces.  We review product care and warranty information with you and troubleshoot any installation concerns.  But that’s not all! We show we care by making special 90-Day and 1-Year follow-up calls to each of our clients to make sure everything continues to function properly and that they are still as happy with their new space as they were when it was first completed.

Let us show you we care! Remember, it’s not just words – it’s actions, and this is how we work every day. We’d love to help you with your home design/remodel project! To get the process started, set up an online appointment on our website.