Temporary Kitchen Set-Up While Living through a Remodel

Guide to Kitchen & Bath Remodeling: 6 Tips for Setting Up a Temporary Kitchen

In this blog series, we have taken you through several topics on the kitchen and bath remodeling process such as hiring a contractor or DIYing, how to budget, and how to plan for your remodel. To wrap up this series, today we will describe what comes after your plans are complete and you’re ready to begin. If you choose to stay in your home during your remodel, you will need to manage without your kitchen for a while. The key to survival in this case is a temporary kitchen.

We visited our #MixedMetalMakeover kitchen remodel project and talked with the homeowner, Brianna, (Bri for short) who shared some practical tips she’s discovered while setting up her family’s temporary kitchen. She shared some ways to cook your way through your remodel, too!

1. Use a temporary table as part of your temporary kitchen

The first tip Bri gave us was to use a temporary table. A temporary table is a good idea for multi-room remodels because it can be easily moved as necessary over the course of the project. Bri’s table has been in their sunroom, kitchen, and living room.

Temporary Kitchen Set-Up While Living through a Remodel

2. Think about what you use every day and keep out a few small, multi-functional appliances

Consider the appliances you use on a daily basis when determining what to include in your temporary kitchen. For example, if your morning coffee is an everyday essential (especially when dealing with the stress of a renovation), then your coffee maker should be on that list! Appliances like microwaves, blenders, and toaster ovens are perfect for cooking quick and easy meals. These items are multi-functional and allow you to have some variety in your cooking so that you’re not cycling through the same mundane meals every week. Brianna suggested including a hot plate in your temporary kitchen so that you can also create meals that require a stove top!

3. Use your dinnerware to reduce use of paper and plastic products

You will inevitably use some paper plates and plastic cups for convenience, but Bri wanted to minimize this, so she selected a few bowls, cups and plates that she could wash and reuse on a daily basis. It’s also helpful to have a few multi-purpose pots and pans on hand to cook more efficiently and minimize mess. Bri highly recommends using a crock pot in your temporary kitchen because making a meal is as easy as plugging it into the wall, and it’s perfect for making warm food in the winter months! 

4. Set up a dishwashing station in your laundry room or bathtub

Get creative with cleaning your dishes by setting up a washing station in your laundry room or bathtub! It’s a simple and easy solution to being without a kitchen sink/dishwasher for a length of time. You can also purchase an inexpensive drying rack to set up in this area as well.

Set up a dishwashing station in your laundry room for your temporary kitchen

5. Use plastic or glass food storage containers for leftovers

Make extras when preparing your meals so you can enjoy tasty leftovers without the fuss! By adding a set of plastic or glass food storage containers to your temporary kitchen, you can efficiently store, save and reheat leftover food.

6. Don’t forget your favorite herbs, spices, and seasonings

A makeshift meal does not have to be bland. You’d be amazed at how flavorful you can make your meals with just a couple of well-chosen seasonings. Brianna suggested picking out a few frequently-used spices and adding them to your temporary kitchen.

Watch a short video of Bri pointing out the highlights of her temporary kitchen to our social media specialist, MacKenzie.

With these tips and tricks on setting up a temporary kitchen, we are confident that you will not only survive, but THRIVE during your renovation!

We hope you have enjoyed this Guide to Kitchen & Bath Remodeling blog series. If it was helpful, consider leaving a comment below!

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I loved your idea about making a meal prep station in your temporary kitchen. My husband and I are planning to remodel our kitchen this summer, but we’ll need to find a place to move all of our things. I suppose we’ll have to set up a temporary kitchen to work out of!

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A makeshift kitchen allows you to prepare your meals and keep your family nourished and energized.

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