Kitchen Design FAQs – Questions to Ask Before You Begin

When it comes to your kitchen or bathroom project, we know that questions come with the territory! No matter how big or small the project, we want you to be informed every step of the way.

You asked, we answered!

In today’s blog, we’ve consulted Kitchen and Bath designers, Claire Teunissen and Brandy Ward for their expert answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about getting started with Studio M.

How much will my project cost?This is definitely the Number One question. We can give you ranges, based on the size of your space and a preliminary scope of work, but since every project is different, we can’t give you a concrete, one size fits all, answer. Our estimated range will ultimately narrow as the specifics of your project become more defined.

What your designer will tell you is that costs are based on several factors involving both cabinetry and the overall project. Cabinetry prices are determined by the number of cabinets in a project, the size of each cabinet, door style, finish (e.g. paint or stain), and wood species. Storage accessories placed within your cabinetry can also elevate the cost of a project.

Cabinet lines also vary in pricing. Your designer will explain the options available in each cabinet line, and present options that look beautiful, achieve your design goals, and stay within your budget. Cabinet lines vary in cost due to construction techniques, the variety and complexity of finishes, the number of door styles available, the variety of species offered, and production technology.

We also provide a budget calculator on our website that will help you get a better idea of how much your project will cost before you meet with a designer!

Modern Eclectic Kitchen

How long is the process start to finish?Once again, the answer to this question depends on the scale of the project. If your kitchen remodel requires knocking down walls and reconfiguring layouts, your project will probably take longer than one that is a simple cabinetry replacement.

Once you engage a designer (usually by paying a retainer), you officially kick off your project. Your designer will gather information on site and discuss layout options with you in detail. The designer then goes to work on your plans. Each design-presentation-revision cycle may take a few weeks. If you know what you want and communicate effectively with your designer, you should be able to complete the design process within 6 – 8 weeks and be ready to place your cabinetry order.

After your cabinetry order is placed, you can expect an additional 8-11 weeks for those cabinets to be delivered.

Installation time will depend on whether you are working with a contractor to remove walls, move doors or windows, or change electrical, plumbing, or HVAC. Much of this work can be completed while you are waiting for your cabinets to arrive. If you are just replacing cabinetry within your existing footprint, installation time will be much shorter.

“It’s helpful when a customer is aware that it can be a lengthy process – especially when adding in the time needed for the demo and installation,” commented Brandy.

The entire process, from engaging your designer to project conclusion is likely to take 5 – 6 months. Keep in mind that not all of this time will be active construction. You will survive your remodel – and the end result will make it all worthwhile.

How should I prepare for my consultation?Gather as much information as possible. Bring floor plans, photos of your space, and pictures of style preferences if you have them.

“If clients don’t know what they want and are indecisive, it’s going to draw the process out longer. Having the client prepare certain things ahead of time is so beneficial to both of us as we are partners in the process,” said Brandy.

We also recommend creating a list of the things you like about your current space as well as things you don’t like. In addition, it’s helpful to share your “pain” points, project goals, and wish list with your designer.

Although it’s not required, our designers LOVE getting links or photos of spaces you like and any other inspiration you have! Be prepared to share your Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz folders if you have them. Tip: when sharing inspiration pictures, be sure to identify the specific element that is of interest to you. For example, you might like a range hood in a picture, but the style of the rest of the kitchen is so not you. Make that clear in your discussion to prevent incorrect assumptions. The more information you can share with your designer from the very beginning, the sooner you will arrive at the design you have always wanted.

East Coast Style Traditional Home

How do I work with you?Our design process starts with a consultation in our showroom. At this meeting we will explain our full process, discuss your project goals, and ensure we are a good fit. And because this meeting is held in our showroom, we can also take the time to explore our vignettes and gain inspiration for your project!

To get started you can reach out to us by phone, fill out the contact form on our website, or simply stop by our showroom!

What services do you offer?Our kitchen and bath designers help clients re-vision their space to improve functionality and give it a fresh, new look. With a focus on cabinetry, they are experts in the design of kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudroom, home offices, entertainment areas, and more.  Depending on the scope of the project, a designer may also assist in making minor selections for a kitchen or bathroom such as lighting, countertops, and hardware.

Check out our blog on all the rooms in a home we can design cabinetry for.

Can we meet in my home to get started or will you come to my home and take a look at my space?We have found that it is most beneficial to start with a consultation at our showroom. Following this consultation, we come out to your home to see the space and take detailed measurements.

We like to get started in our Studio M showroom rather than at your home for a couple of reasons. First, our showroom is the perfect place to help you identify your style and inspire you with creative cabinetry solutions. At our showroom you can explore a variety of different kitchen and bathroom displays as well as browse selection samples that range from cabinetry door styles and lighting to hardware and accessories. Secondly, and just as important in the long run, we want to make sure we are the right fit for each other.

Studio M Showroom Kitchen Display

Do you offer design-only services?“We really like to work with clients who will be purchasing cabinetry through Studio M. When you purchase from us, we make sure the order has been placed correctly, the cabinets safely arrive on site, the installation is done properly, and you receive the outstanding customer service and ongoing support that we are known for,” commented Claire.  We stand by our products and our installers’ workmanship.

That said, we absolutely offer design-only services for an hourly fee. You will receive detailed, dimensioned drawings that you may take to a cabinet maker of your choice. Bear in mind that your cabinet maker will be responsible for the final measure, order, installation, and warranty support.

What is included in your design services when you purchase cabinetry from Studio M?Design services are included when you purchase your cabinetry from us. Once we have measurements, we create designs and present drawings using Chief Architect design software. This program allows us to create perspective drawings that help you visualize your space, as well as provide the detail contractors and installers need to complete the work in your home. The design process typically involves a couple meetings in our showroom to discuss and revise the design. When the design is finalized, you will approve the plans and make a 50% deposit on your cabinetry before we place the order. We then work with you and your contractor to prepare for your installation. We provide support as needed throughout the installation. Once installation is complete, we provide warranty and care information for all products included in your project.

Can you work with my interior designer? Can you work with my builder/remodeler?Absolutely! While we do have amazing interior designers here at Studio M, we can also collaborate with the interior designer that you may already be working with. We also partner with some of the best builders and remodelers in the area for many of our projects. However, if you have a general contractor you would like to use, we will gladly work with them as well.

“Most every project requires a general contractor, and choosing that person/company can be a difficult decision. Whether you’ve worked with a builder/remodeler in the past or gotten their name as a referral from a friend, we’re glad you found a partner you trust and are more than happy to collaborate with them on your project!” said Claire.

What are the steps in your design process?Studio M has a clear-cut process that we apply to all of our projects, whether that project is a bathroom remodel, a home office, or a simple cabinet upgrade. Every project is different, but this progression is used to help provide structure for clients and give them peace of mind knowing that they’re on the same page as their designer and that their project is on the right track!

  • Inspiration: Visit our showroom and meet with a designer
  • Consultation: Share your dreams, explore your options, and define your style/project goals
  • Design: We create a design based off of your dreams, goals, space, and budget
  • Installation: Cabinetry order is placed, your space is prepared, and the project begins
  • Conclusion: Settle into your new space and enjoy!

Get a more detailed look at our process on our website.

Mud Room

How soon can we get started?It’s never too soon to get started on your dream space!

You can give us a call and set up an appointment or simply stop by our showroom. Our showroom hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. Designers are on duty every day to help you.

If you have any other questions or want to get started, contact us

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