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Cabinetry for Every Room in the Home

  • October 16, 2019

When we think about cabinetry, our minds immediately go to kitchens and bathrooms. That’s because kitchens and bathrooms are where the majority of cabinetry is located in the home and usually that cabinetry plays a large role in the space’s design both functionally and aesthetically.

But what about the other rooms in your home? Traditionally we furnish spaces like living rooms and offices with hutches, TV stands, and bookcases. And while these pieces of furniture serve a purpose, they don’t always have the look and storage capacity that we get out of cabinetry.

We’re here to tell you that cabinetry isn’t just for kitchens and bathrooms but for EVERY room in your home! Our designers can design almost any type of storage cabinet to fit any space. The width, height, and depth of the cabinets are customized for your space, while the door style, wood species, and finish are chosen to complement the design and style of the room.

On today’s blog we are going to share with you some ideas for cabinetry in different areas of your home.

Mudroom or boot bench

Is there ever “enough” storage in your back entry? Are there odd-shaped spaces or corners that are not conducive to standard furniture? If so, your kitchen and bath designer can fashion effective storage solutions for those spaces and allow more of your space to be fully utilized. Cabinetry in your entryway is a great way to give shoes, jackets, hats, and mittens a home while keeping your space clean and organized!

Home office cabinetry

Why is it that every horizontal surface in a home office eventually becomes a “drop” space for paperwork, mail, or supplies in a home office? Could it be for lack of convenient and functional storage? A kitchen and bath designer can create great storage solutions that will allow you to put your horizontal surfaces to better use. We love customizing office cabinetry to suit your specific needs and style. Consider a shelf for your printer or integrate outlets into the design of your desk.

Storage in your laundry room

Where do you store detergents, household cleaners, and cleaning supplies? Built-in cabinetry can make the space more efficient and well-organized. Do you have space to hang dry special clothing items? What about a built-in ironing board? With ample storage and counterspace, your laundry room will function better than ever before and maybe even make your daily household upkeep feel like less of a chore.  

Lower level/entertainment area

Game time, anyone? Cabinetry on either side of a TV or entertainment center offers storage for games, extra blankets, books, remotes, and more. If space permits, a built-in beverage center can ensure that no one misses a play to quench their thirst.

Pantry off the kitchen

If you have a hard time finding a place for that extra bag of pretzels, you just might benefit from repurposing some space in the kitchen for a new pantry. Kitchen and bath designers are very creative at finding useful space where you never thought to look. Roll-out shelves make access easy and keep items from getting lost in dark back corners. Not only is a pantry a great space to store dry goods, but you can also design cabinetry to create a baking center, coffee bar, and more.

Built-ins for your living room

Bookcases allow you to display your books and treasures where they will be seen and enjoyed by family and friends. Furniture bookcases can also be used, but a built-in bookcase can be custom-measured and will fit your space perfectly.

Possibilities abound! 

All of these and more are possible with Studio M Kitchen & Bath. Think beyond the kitchen and bathroom to create functional cabinetry designs that serve you in all areas of your home. Our talented designers are experts in cabinet design and space planning and will work with you to create functional, beautiful cabinetry.

Find inspiration for every room of the home with our ideas below or contact us today to discuss your cabinetry needs!

Mudroom Cabinetry for Your Home

Welcome yourself home with a mudroom/entryway storage

Entryway Mudroom Design

Kitchen Pantry Design

The laundry and mud rooms are a seamless reflection of the kitchen’s timeless design and feature the same classic shaker doors in the Willow stain.

Built-In Cabinetry Around the Fireplace

Built-In Cabinetry Around the Fireplace

Upgrade your entertainment area or bar

Upgrade your lower level or entertainment area

Increase productivity in a home office

Increase productivity in a home office

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