5 Reasons to Invest in Great Design

An important aspect of our business is great design. To us, design is everything. As certified NKBA kitchen and bath designers, homeowners turn to us to transform their vision into a design that maximizes functional use of space, desired resources and budget. Our designers hear it time and time again, “I never knew this or that was even an option to consider.”

Building or renovating a kitchen or bathroom is one of the most important investments you will make in your home. Not only does it involve careful planning, but also extensive research and a solid base of knowledge. Certified Kitchen & Bath Designers are tested to rigorous and relevant standards, much like certified public accountants or financial planners are tested for their industry competencies. (NKBA.org)

Long after cabinets are installed and appliances are functioning, how well your kitchen was designed will dictate the performance and pleasure you derive from the space.

Hear from our talented and professional designers on the importance of good design:

It’s All in the Details

  1. A well-designed space can help us to be more productive, improve our mood and creativity, enhance accessibility, and encourage the daily activities that ultimately shape our lifestyle. You may not be able to pinpoint the subtle details that make a space function (or not function!), but a good designer knows those details, and is able to manage them to the homeowners’ advantage. – Leah Dunne, Design Assistant

Avoiding Mistakes

  1. Good design will enhance homeowners’ quality of life. It allows them to define what works best for them personally in their space. As design professionals, we help our clients balance function and aesthetic. Remodeling/building is a great opportunity to reevaluate and start fresh. Design mistakes can be costly in the remodeling process. We are at the forefront of new ideas and materials, but also know the tried and true methods and materials that will be long lasting for our clients. – Claire Teunissen, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Focus on Budget

  1. A certified designer understands your budget and priorities and will ensure that your project meets your goals and stays within budget. Not only can a certified designer assist you with selecting cabinetry and associated elements as countertops, backsplash tile, cabinetry hardware and appliances, but they are also conscious of their clients’ project budget and work to save you money on the overall cost of your project. – Danee Bohn, CMKBD, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Asks the Right Questions

  1. When you make a large investment in a remodel, it is important to have it meet all of your goals and expectations. A designer will ask many questions to help design your space the way you dream of living. Who would have thought that being right or left-handed can make a difference in kitchen design? – Cindy Akers, Kitchen and Bath Refresh Specialist


  1. Great design will provide an outcome that is not only a reflection of the users’ style but also provides a practical use of the space. A great designer will provide both beauty and functionality for the perfect end result! – Emerson Kellogg, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Need help with a remodel or starting a kitchen design? Our Kitchen and Bath Design team is here to take the stress out of the process every step of the way and design the spaces you need for the life you love! Stop into our showroom to talk with a designer about creating your dream home or schedule an appointment online.

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